class datto.ModelResults[source]

Evaluate model performance & explore output




coefficients_graph(X_train, X_test, model, ...)

Displays graph of feature importances.

coefficients_individual_predictions(model, ...)

Uses LIME to inspect an individual prediction and the features that influenced that prediction.

coefficients_summary(X, y, num_repetitions, ...)

Prints average coefficient values using a regression model.

get_tree_diagram(model, X_train[, path])

Save a diagram of a trained DecisionTree model

most_common_words_by_group(X, text_col_name, ...)

Get the most commons phrases for defined groups.

most_similar_texts(X, text_column_name[, ...])

Uses NMF clustering to create n topics based on adjusted word frequencies

score_final_model(model_type, X_test, ...[, ...])

Score your model on the test dataset.